Who we are

It all began in 2018 in the province of Vicenza and the driving force is the love for our territory. In fact, we decided to take over the last shop left open in the hamlet of Santa Caterina , on the Sette Comuni plateau, which unfortunately was already destined to close definitively, like many others before it, after about 70 years of activity. A real pity, because these shops are our memory, they represent a glimpse of Italy that has overcome so many difficulties since the Second World War and that in the following decades, thanks to tenacity and sacrifice, has returned to flourish.

Our company takes care of selecting products of various kinds of local and national craftsmanship and then manages their online sale . Vettovaglia thus arrives at e-commerce.
Our main objective is to give prestige to Venetian and national handicraft products in general to protect Made in Italy and the activity of small companies, especially those located in the mountain realities that are most in difficulty.
Our greatest gratification consists in customer satisfaction and, at the same time, in being able to put a little more piece into the puzzle of the economic recovery of small local businesses and in general of the protection of Made in Italy .

We use passion and all our energies to ensure that each delivery arrives at your home on time and perfectly compliant with your order.
Passion for what we do and love for our territory: this is Vettovaglia.com.

For any need, doubt or request for information regarding our products, both pre and post-sales, do not hesitate, click on contacts .
You will be directed to the window where you can write us what you need. You will only need to enter your name, telephone number and e-mail address. We will answer you as soon as possible.
For any need, our customer service is active and can also be contacted by phone or email .