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Collection: Bitter Montegrappa

Amaro Montegrappa is the timeless dessert that Italians cannot do without. From the union of herbal infusions and extracts with natural flavourings, the selection of the best grain alcohol and the right percentage of sugar, Amaro Montegrappa is born, with a strong, unique and unmistakable flavour.

From the flourishing Venetian lands of Pieve del Grappa, the Amaro Montegrappa production apparatus arises which exploits all the best and the goodness offered by its territories, also coining the name which originates from the suggestive Monte Grappa, the main peak of the Grappa massif.

In production it is usually used for its eupeptic and digestive properties, the amaro is also used very well as an aperitif, thanks to its intense and particular taste which allows it to be tasted in any convivial circumstance.

A careful selection and research of the best ingredients also allow Amaro Montegrappa to be free of colourings, synthetic aromas and taste enhancers, ensuring the taste buds all the goodness of its naturalness and authenticity.

In fact, thanks to our territory and the right weather conditions, Italy is the country with the largest production of bitters, made only by nature and the passion of the craftsmen, such as those who gave birth to Amaro Montegrappa, based on ancient and ancestral recipes. In the centenary edition 1918-2018, this amaro remains timeless for the acculturated users of the product, in its 70cl bottle and with its alcohol percentage equal to 25% vol, the characteristics that make up Amaro Montegrappa are synonymous with reliability and exquisiteness.

A good Amaro Montegrappa cannot be missing on the table to accompany the dessert and allow the dinner or lunch to end in the best possible way; the ideal is to serve it perfectly chilled, in the classic cylindrical or truncated cone glass, rigorously with a few ice cubes and, if you want to give the eye its share, with a couple of sprigs of aromatic herbs that act as a bridge between them and those present in the scents of the Amaro.

The sweets then to be served together with the amaro, should be tasty and therefore on par with the scents released by the liqueur, always remembering that sweets and liqueurs are a complementary pair. Over time, Amaro Montegrappa is also used in numerous cocktails which allow it to combine its typical flavor with other aromatic drinks, creating peculiar drinks with character for true lovers of amaro but also for those who want to try something new, always perceiving the taste of a good amaro.

As is the case for young people, who are rediscovering the delicacy of amaro also thanks to its use in cocktail mixes, which, if not used to its strong flavour, allow them to savor it without exceeding. Over the years, in fact, the amaro has always been referred to as ammazzacaffè, or purely as a digestive, but today it is also considered a valid substitute for the various traditional spirits used to serve an aperitif. Its aroma and refinement have managed to conquer even the less veterans of amaro, who now prefer it to other excessively sugary liqueurs.

Aperitif, after dinner, ammazzacaffè or in modern mixology, Amaro Montegrappa is declined more and more frequently in different circumstances and as an accompaniment to several moments of the day, putting an end to the past which confined it simply within the home; the clubs and the best shops are teeming with bottles of Amaro Montegrappa, increasingly in demand and loved by everyone.