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The Anfosso brothers: excellence in the production of Ligurian extra virgin olive oil

The oil culture in the western Ligurian area is of fundamental importance and the Anfosso brothers represent an excellent example of this. Their estate and production plant are located in Chiusavecchia, in the province of Imperia, an area famous for the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Alessandro and Alfredo Anfosso have chosen to follow in their family's footsteps, carrying on a job that they started many years ago and enriching it with new innovative proposals.

A variety of products related to the world of oil

The Anfosso brothers are not limited to the traditional production of extra virgin olive oil, but have created a vast range of products ranging from the world of oil. Their entrepreneurial vision has pushed them to expand their offering to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers.

Within their production line it is possible to find different types of extra virgin olive oil, such as the prized DOP Riviera Ligure-Riviera dei Fiori obtained from local Taggiasca olives and the renowned Taggiasca monocultivar extra virgin TUMAI'. In addition to these excellences, products such as whole, pitted and pickled Taggiasca olives, Taggiasca olive paste, as well as pestos, creams and sauces are also available.

The history of Olio Anfosso

The Olio Anfosso brand has a deep-rooted history and is closely linked to tradition and the love for oil. In 1945, the Anfossos began transforming the olives from their estate into an extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary quality. Since then, the family has continued to put excellence in the production of Ligurian oil first.

Today, their production plant is cutting-edge and is equipped with a modern continuous cycle system with cold processing, thus guaranteeing the highest quality and preserving all the organoleptic properties of the extra virgin olive oil.

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In conclusion

The Anfosso brothers represent a point of reference in the production of Ligurian extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to their passion for tradition and constant innovation, they have managed to create a wide range of products that satisfy the most demanding palates. Purchasing online on vettovaglia.com allows all enthusiasts to enjoy the excellence of Anfosso oil directly at home. Don't miss the opportunity to live a unique culinary experience with the products of the Anfosso brothers.