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Immerse yourself in the green heart of the Trentino mountains, where nature blends with love for the land and its generous fruits. We present the Busarello di Bieno farm, an oasis of genuineness and flavor that embodies a fascinating and exciting story. We will take you to discover the fascinating world that revolves around this affectionate agricultural reality located on the balcony of Tesino on the Valsugana. The Busarello farm is the result of the tenacious passion of Igor Busarello: a young entrepreneur capable of giving value to the traditions of the area through sustainable and environmentally friendly innovation. Their artisan method allows the Busarello farm to offer genuine products such as wheat flour, small red fruits and vegetables grown according to the most genuine techniques. And to transform them in the laboratory into delicious biscuits and jams. We accompany you on this wonderful journey through authentic flavors and breathtaking landscapes! Through curious anecdotes and experiences, you will not only get to know better this unique rural reality of excellence but also appreciate even more the precious gifts of the earth.

History of the Busarello farm

The Busarello farm was founded in 1992 by the father of Igor Busarello, who decided to transform his passion for the land and the territory into an entrepreneurial activity. At the beginning, the company was mainly involved in the cultivation of vegetables and fruit, but over time it has specialized in the production of high quality biscuits, nectars, compotes and sauerkraut. Over the years, the company has invested in the modernization of production processes, adopting innovative techniques to improve product quality and preserve the environment. Today, the Busarello farm is a consolidated reality in the Trentino area and boasts a vast range of genuine products, appreciated by consumers for their goodness and genuineness. Passion for the land and love for one's work are the values ​​that guide the Busarello family every day in the management of the agricultural activity.

The products offered by the company from biscuits, jams and nectars

The Busarello farm produces a wide range of products, including biscuits, jams, sauerkraut and nectars. The biscuits are made with flour produced by the company itself, sugar, butter without the addition of preservatives or artificial colourings. The jams are obtained from fresh fruit grown directly on the farm. The nectars are instead obtained from fresh fruit grown on the farm and harvested when fully ripe. All products are handcrafted to guarantee the highest quality and authenticity, respecting the environment and the health of consumers.

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