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Collection: Cà Biasi farm

The Ca' Biasi farm is located in an enchanting place, on the hills of Breganze. From here it's easy to paint a flattering picture looking in every direction and encountering greenery and vines as far as the eye can see. Here nature has been particularly benevolent: hills and soil of volcanic origin at the foot of the Alps. But is it easy to take care of a cellar, wherever it is? Is it easy to carry on a tradition that boasts over two centuries of history? The answer is rather obvious: no. But it is the only "no" that comes to mind when thinking of this corner of the Breganze DOC area.

Let's move on to the facts: the wine. The Breganze DOC area must have been kissed by the god Bacchus, because among the various types of wines (fifteen) that this blessed land is able to produce, there are wines that you will only find here. A small example: here a native variety is born, the Vespaiola, whose withered bunches in turn generate the masterpiece known as Breganze Torcolato.

There was talk of luck, of course. The luck of being born here, the luck of having a prolific terrain, a piedmont climate and a strategic exposure worthy of an old general's choice. But the story of this wine, of that of the Ca' Biasi winery, is the story of precise choices, it is the story of the Della Valle family, it is the story of continuous care, of a search for perfection. It is a story of determination, hunger, thirst and love for the product. One example will suffice, at Ca' Biasi they don't stand by while someone else takes care of their products (this cannot be the case when you have been working this land for over two centuries): at Ca' Biasi, it is the Della Valle lords themselves who welcome you and guide you. The management, in fact, is by the oenologist Innocente Dalla Valle.

But Della Valle is not the only one, his daughters Anna and Elisa also follow, defend and carry on the project. Born and raised in Ca' Biasi, both have followed a course of study that leads them to be fundamental pillars of the company. Elisa graduated from the "Parolini" agricultural institute and subsequently graduated in agricultural science and technology from the University of Padua. Anna, on the other hand, graduated in Conegliano (a branch of the University of Padua) in Viticultural and Oenological Sciences and Technologies. This has allowed them to cover different roles and ensure continuity in innovation.

In the wake of research and the development of new strategies, the company collaborates with the Experimental Institute of Viticulture of Conegliano on a project aimed at the recovery of the Groppello and Refosco vineyards, a variety of red berried grapes. It is the recovery of forgotten traditions and an act of love towards the history of these places.

Let's go into detail about wine, the beloved son of this land. And let's do it by reporting the words of the Consorzio di Tutela Vini DOC Breganzate: "A synthesis of modernity and tradition, Torcolato has a deep golden yellow color, with fragrances that recall honey and raisins. Its sweet-not-sweet, harmonious, velvety, full and round taste recalls ripe fruit, honey and sultanas.

It is an excellent meditation wine on its own but excellent at the end of a meal with dry desserts, it gives its best with blue cheeses"

Ultimately, for wine enthusiasts, the Ca' Biasi winery is the ideal place where tradition, love for wine, product quality and natural beauty meet. Here the earth met the hand of man and a masterpiece was born: we have already talked about wine; but I haven't had time to mention the architecture yet. Also in this field the Cellar stands out for its beauty. No need to waste any more time. Just type "Ca' Biasi" on any search engine and open the images.

As for the wine, the images are not enough… run and taste it!