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Collection: ioMazzucato farm

The ioMazzucato company has been involved in the production of high quality wines for several years now. In particular, his grandson Andrea continues the work and business started by grandfather Clemente who, together with his family, dedicates all his love and strength every day to support the project and the company that has been entrusted to him. The wines produced by this agricultural activity are exquisite and have a unique and unmistakable flavour.

Red wine Land Red IGT Veneto

The red wines produced by the ioMazzucato company establish themselves on the market as high quality products. Among the various foods, the Land Rosso IGT Veneto red wine stands out in particular.

This precious food with an intense flavor is made up of 100% Merlot grape variety. The harvest of the grapes used for this specific product takes place precisely in the first half of the month of October. Furthermore, the Land Rosso IGT Veneto wine must be served at a specific temperature, ie between 18° and 20°, the yield instead contains about 70 quintals per hectare. Vinification concerns the fermentation from an alcoholic point of view which results in contact with the skins, this process takes place specifically at a temperature between 22° and 24° and includes the use of specific yeasts which are carefully chosen and above all natural. Once the product has completed fermentation, it is placed in tonneaux and barriques of French origin for 3 years, and finally transferred to the bottle for 1 year.

From the point of view of taste, this wine has a decidedly intense flavour. The color of the drink is a decidedly deep ruby ​​red and as far as the smell is concerned it has an excellent impact on the nose, given that it is possible to perceive particular, sweet, leathery and warm smells including: balsamic notes, chocolate, coffee and tobacco. While, the tasting of this red wine is decidedly particular, as it gives a sensation of velvet in the mouth and at the same time gives the perception of a sense of fortitude. These two organoleptic characteristics make it a unique and special wine from all points of view.

White wine Land IGT Veneto

Among the most characteristic and valuable wines of the White category, the Vino Bianco Land IGT Veneto stands out. The vine used to make this product is 80% Traminer and the remaining 20% ​​Pinot Blanc. The harvest of the harvested grapes takes place in the first half of September. Furthermore, the vinification includes a level of alcoholic fermentation equal to 13°C for a maximum of 10 days, moreover it consists of a decidedly delicate pressing.

Once the vinification process is complete, the wine is stored for 6 months in steel containers for the refinement phase with bottonage once 15 days have passed for a period of 6 months.

Finally, among the organoleptic properties presented by the Bianco Land IGT Veneto wine, it is good to know that the color of the food is straw yellow. From an olfactory point of view, on the other hand, there is the possibility of smelling the aroma of ripened fruit which gives way to floral notes. Finally, once tasted, the taste of the wine gives the palate a delicate, velvety, rich and savory sensation. The product is therefore absolutely balanced and harmonious.


Torcolato Breganze DOC wine is a product that comes in detail from the 100% vespaiolo vine. The alcohol present in the drink is equal to 13% by volume and the grapes used are harvested by hand in the month of September, the bunches that are collected are hung, as they are now ripened. For the winemaking process, the grapes are pureed in January and left to boil at a low temperature until they reach an alcohol content of 13.5°.

The organoleptic properties of the Torcolato wine produced by the ioMazzucato company has a golden yellow hue. Contains intense notes of almond, raisins, apricot and honey. This food has a decidedly intense flavour, as it is delicate and non-drying.

Cuvèe spumante Brut - Rosé and White classic method

The classic method Rosé sparkling wine is a food with a delicate, persistent flavor and a decidedly refined and fine perlage. The smells that can be perceived immediately belong to pomegranate and dog rose. Furthermore, it is a product that is pleasant and fresh once in contact with the palate.

The Cuvèe spumante Brut Bianco classic method has a bright and luminous straw yellow colour. The taste recalls the hints of pineapple, lemon, passion fruit, cedar and other exotic and citrus fruits. It is a drink that leaves a sensation of freshness in the mouth and ends in terms of tasting, leaving a continuity of flavor.