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Jams and Jams: Taste, Quality and Tradition on your Table

If you are a jam and marmalade lover, you know that the right choice can make all the difference. For this reason, Vettovaglia.com offers you a vast selection of high quality products: from artisan jams to organic, sugar-free or light jams.

Citrus jams

Citrus jams are among the most loved thanks to their intense and fresh taste. Our selection includes bitter orange marmalade, citrus marmalade and other delicacies carefully crafted by our trusted producers.

Jam gift boxes

Do you want to make an original and tasty gift? Our gift packs are perfect for surprising friends and relatives with homemade jams, fruit preserves or fruit jellies.

Organic jams

If you are attentive to your diet, organic jams are the right choice for you. Our producers use only natural ingredients, grown following the principles of organic farming.

Sugar-free and light jams

Sugar-free jams are perfect for those who want to keep their calorie intake under control without sacrificing taste. Furthermore, you can also find light jams with a reduced sugar content.

Typical jam-based products

Jams and marmalades are not only perfect for breakfast or as a snack, but can be used in many savory or sweet dishes. For example, you can use strawberry jam to prepare a sauce to accompany cheese or fig jam to enrich a meat dish.

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Buying your favorite jams and marmalades has never been easier! Thanks to our online shop, you can choose from a vast selection of products that will guarantee taste and quality every time you taste them. With Vettovaglia.com you will always have the best producers of artisan jams and organic marmalades at your fingertips. Choose from our delicious fruit jellies, fruit preserves or fruit syrups and discover new flavors to give to your palate. Don't miss the opportunity to taste genuine and healthy products with a long tradition behind them. Enter our online shop and discover all our products!