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Floor care is a fundamental aspect in cleaning the house and it is important to choose specific products for each type of surface. In this collection you will find a wide range of floor cleaners, polishes, sanitizers, liquid or powder, which release a pleasant fragrance and ensure long-lasting cleaning. Discover our plant-based hyper-concentrated liquid or powder products and take care of your floors in the best possible way.

Delicate floor cleaner

Delicate floors require specially formulated products to prevent damage to the surface. The detergent for delicate floors is the ideal solution to guarantee the cleanliness of the surfaces without compromising their integrity. Perfect as both an ordinary and occasional treat.

Wood floor cleaner

Wood is a natural material used in many types of flooring and requires specific care. A good wooden floor cleaner not only ensures the removal of dirt but also the protection of the wood itself, preserving its original appearance over time.

Marble floor cleaner

Marble is a precious and elegant material that requires specific products for daily cleaning. A marble floor cleaner is designed to maintain its shine and prevent dulling or scratches caused by aggressive products.

Ecological floor cleaner

If you care about the environment and are looking for a cleaner that does not harm our planet, choose an ecological floor cleaner. These products are formulated with natural and biodegradable ingredients, ensuring effective cleaning without negative impact on the ecosystem.

Degreaser for greasy floors

In rooms like the kitchen or garage, floors can accumulate large amounts of grease making cleaning more difficult. A powerful degreaser is perfect in these cases, able to quickly remove even the most stubborn stains without effort.

Concentrated floor cleaners

Concentrated cleaners offer an economical and effective alternative to traditional products. Just dilute a small amount of product in water and you'll get a perfect solution for cleaning all types of floors without waste and saving money.

Sanitizing solution for floors

Hygiene is crucial especially in times like these. A sanitizing solution is the ideal complement to your floor cleaning routine: in addition to removing dirt and grease, it also eliminates germs and bacteria, ensuring a healthy and protected environment for you and your family.
To obtain impeccable results like those of cleaning professionals, use specific products for professional use. These detergents are formulated with highly effective active ingredients, which ensure deep and sanitizing cleaning even in the most demanding contexts.

Floor disinfectant cleaner

If you are looking for a product that in addition to cleaning also offers a disinfectant action, choose a specific detergent for this purpose. This type of detergent contains active ingredients capable of eliminating bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms from the surface of the floors.

Deep cleaning for parquet and laminate

Parquet and laminate floors need deep but delicate cleaning to maintain their original appearance over time. Use products specifically formulated for these materials, capable of removing dirt without causing damage to the tile surface or joints.

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