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Collection: La Baita & Galleano

La Baita & Galleano: an agricultural excellence in the hinterland of Imperia

La Baita & Galleano is a farm in Gazzo d'Arroscia, a charming village located 700 meters above sea level, in the hinterland of Imperia. This small family business was born from the union of two previous businesses, La Baita and Galleano, with the aim of preserving and promoting the family's agricultural tradition.

A territory rich in tradition

Gazzo d'Arroscia is an enchanting place that offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. Thanks to its privileged position, this village is surrounded by unspoilt and luxuriant nature, ideal for agriculture. Here mainly olives, vegetables and fruit trees are grown, following the traditional methods handed down from generation to generation.

The La Baita farm

The Baita was founded many years ago by the great-grandparents of the family, and has always been managed with passion and dedication. The company produces fine extra virgin olive oils obtained from olives grown in the surrounding land. La Baita products are renowned for their quality and authenticity, conquering the palate of many olive oil enthusiasts.

The Galleano farm

Thanks to the union with the Galleano company, La Baita has been able to expand its offer and diversify its production. The Galleano company mainly focuses on the cultivation of fresh and healthy vegetables, using natural and environmentally friendly methods. Galleano products are famous for their gustatory and nutritional quality, and are sold both in the area and in important local markets.

A tradition that continues

The union of the activities of La Baita and Galleano has made it possible to give continuity to the agricultural tradition of the family, while ensuring greater production diversification. These two companies work closely with local farmers, promoting the sustainable development of the area and preserving its ancient traditions.

Quality, authenticity and excellence

La Baita & Galleano stands out for its constant search for quality, product authenticity and excellence in agricultural production. Their products are appreciated both locally and nationally, thanks to the meticulous care with which they are grown and processed. The company is committed to offering its customers only the best, guaranteeing genuine and healthy products.


La Baita & Galleano represents a living testimony of the ancient agricultural traditions of Gazzo d'Arroscia. Thanks to the passion and commitment of the family, this farm continues to thrive, offering high quality products and preserving the richness of the territory. If you are looking for authenticity and taste, do not miss the opportunity to taste the products of La Baita & Galleano.