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Lab Natù: natural wellness laboratory

LabNatù is a brand of household and personal hygiene products based on the principles of simplicity and sustainability. The products made and sold by Lab Natù constitute a real natural laboratory of well-being and some of them can be purchased on our website vettovaglia.com .

The company says about itself...

The story of Lab Natù is made up of dedication and passion and will surely fascinate you.
The brand name reflects all the characteristics of the natural active ingredients used to create the products. Research, innovation and simplicity are the strong points of the Lab Natù experience.

The founder of the brand is professor Antonio Campagnoli, who, together with his wife, decides to apply all the natural formulas he had learned through experience to create products for personal hygiene and care, for pets and for the home.
An ambitious project born in 1996 and which today has turned into a reality very similar to a dream. The couple's ideas were born from the needs and demands of everyday life and have always combined functionality and tradition.

The person is at the center of the company, which is what really matters. In 2021 Lab Natù had over 50 professionals, who joined the couple who created a brand 26 years ago starting from the aspirations of the heart.

The values ​​that are at the basis of LabNatù 's activity are expressed very well in the products made, which boast three characteristics: quality, transparency and innovation .
Quality is expressed through clear and exhaustive laboratory certifications.
Transparency is a responsibility: the professor has decided to take care of people, homes and animals and he does so using recipes that do not contain harmful substances.
For this reason the formulas and ingredients used are always explained in depth.

The philosophy of Lab Natù

It is well known that every company has its own philosophy, i.e. a set of ideas that guide the process of designing and creating the entire product line. The philosophy that governs LabNatù is simple but fascinating. At the base is creation, a clean and non-harmful creation , which leads to equally clean results: products made entirely with natural substances, free of allergens and biodegradable, to do good for the environment.

The goal is to keep alive some traditional recipes that have been around for more than 30 years and at the same time to renew them thanks to research, so that they can be useful in everyday life without harming our dear planet. Indeed, one of the brand's objectives is to support environmental sustainability in every decision made and in every product created and put on sale.


Lab Natù products are divided into 3 different lines: BeautyLab, HomeLab and PetLab .

The BeautyLab line consists of a wide selection of products designed to take care of your person. The formulas are suitable for the most diverse skin types because they respect even the most delicate. These are natural plant-based products, free of alcohol or parabens. Among the most sought-after products are deodorants (stick, roll-on and vapor), rebalancing products, soap and foot care products.

HomeLab is the line designed to take care of your home and includes degreasers, softeners, bio perfumers, eco-detergents, floor cleaners, laundry perfumers and the baby line. The fragrances chosen are sweet and calming, such as lavender or lotus flower.

The PetLab line, on the other hand, is designed for your furry 4-legged friend. He deserves to be pampered too!