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Collection: Maxwell & Williams

A company that has been one of the leading companies in the sector for several years, Maxwell & Willimans puts high-quality household items at your disposal. Born almost as a joke in 1995, the Australian brand immediately enjoyed enormous popularity in our country.
The proposal of articles made by Maxwell & Williams certainly stands out for the great attention to detail, the undisputed elegance of the products and the great practicality. The excellent quality-price ratio, probably the main characteristic of the items produced by the Australian brand, the solid reputation that distinguishes the brand itself and the extremely diversified proposal make Maxwell & Williams the ideal solution for your kitchen.

In addition to being beautiful to take directly to the table, this is also extremely simple to wash, both in the dishwasher and by hand, as the products lend themselves to being washed only with a sponge and a little detergent.

Among the main qualities of the articles there is undoubtedly the choice of materials, each of which is useful for slow cooking and hardly perishable . This last feature represents one of the main peculiarities of the various Maxwell & Williams lines, as the products allow the use of various types of ingredients, even over high heat, without causing any damage and favoring the preparation of dishes rich in flavor and aroma.

Also perfect for the summer are the ceramics with floral and fruit decorations, in perfect Mediterranean style. Each proposal characterized by these decorations is truly very refined and, above all, gives a touch of joy to your table.
All the collections made by Maxwell & Williams are extremely diversified, also through the use of various materials of the highest quality, such as ceramic, glass, steel, stainless steel and acrylic, perfectly worked in order to create a collection of remarkable refinement and capable of embracing the entire spectrum of household and kitchen items.
In conclusion, it can be said that Maxwell & Williams offers you an infinite number of household and kitchen items, suitable for any type of context. The entire proposal of the brand born in Australia therefore represents the ideal solution for you and for your home, especially if you take into consideration the great qualities that characterize Maxwell & Williams products: functionality, practicality, resistance and elegance.