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Molino Manni by Manni Paolo: 50 years of excellence in cereal processing

Manni Paolo's Molino Manni is a family-run business that has been operating in the historic center of Cornedo Vicentino for 50 years. Specialized in cleaning and grinding cereals, the mill offers a wide range of products for food use, guaranteeing maximum quality and freshness.

Products available

At Molino Manni it is possible to purchase a variety of cereals for different culinary purposes. Among the main products offered are:

  • Yellow corn: perfect for preparing polenta
  • White corn: ideal for the production of white flour, widely used in traditional bread-making.
  • Marano type glassy corn: appreciated for its high percentage of vitreous starch

Quality and freshness guaranteed

Molino Manni is committed to guaranteeing the highest quality of its products. Thanks to the use of modern machinery and the experience accumulated over 50 years of activity, the mill manages to obtain flours and semolina with authentic and genuine flavours.

All the cereals used are carefully selected, coming from local crops where possible, to ensure freshness and traceability. The processing takes place in compliance with the most rigorous hygiene and health standards, guaranteeing a safe and excellent final product from a nutritional point of view.

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Now it is possible to conveniently purchase Molino Manni products online through the vettovaglia.com website. Thanks to this intuitive and easy-to-use platform, you can order products with just a few clicks and receive them directly to your home.

Furthermore, on vettovaglia.com you will find a wide range of other selected food products, ideal for enriching your pantry.


Manni Paolo's Molino Manni has represented excellence in cereal processing for 50 years. Thanks to its family-run business, the quality of the products offered and the possibility of purchasing conveniently online at vettovaglia.com, the mill confirms itself as a point of reference for all those who wish to taste the best of cereals on their plate.

Buy Molino Manni products now and give your kitchen authentic and genuine flavours.