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Natruly is an ambitious reality with only one goal: to provide healthy and natural foods to make the world a healthy and natural place. If already in 1800 the philosopher Feuerbach argued that we are what we eat, Natruly is committed today to improving man's lifestyle through food; genuine foods and free of all those additives typical of new industrial foods. The company name was born from the desire to combine naturalness and honesty, a combination of the respective words Natural + Truly, thanks to the pioneering idea of ​​two friends with the intention of revolutionizing the food market. Niklas and Octavio create products with no added sugar, no sweeteners, no additives, no gluten and no nonsense, but rather full of nutrients: proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, all 100% natural and reliable. In addition, Natrluy is transparent in the sale of all its products, specifying for each one the percentages of ingredients it contains, the benefits provided, the characteristics and energy values, so as to allow you to choose the foods that best suit you and of which you need the most. If you think of natural products without preservatives, it is useless to deny it, you are faced with foods without taste and sapidity, and you are discouraged in buying them; in the case of Natruly, even the little ones will be tempted to consume these delicious dishes, thanks to the fusion of the right foods, which are able to enhance the flavor of nature's ingredients. An example? The most original and genuine snacks there are, such as chocolate bars in classic and particular flavours, namely orange and ginger or raspberry and cocoa nibs; or again, peanuts covered in milk chocolate, delicious to munch on during a break from work or as a snack for the children, and naturally loaded with many nutrients. In the case of dried fruit, it is full of saturated fats that fill you with strength and energy, or cocoa, which contains phenylethylamine, essential for relieving stress and stimulating a sense of general well-being.
Not only many delights for your children, at Natruly everyone can find what they are looking for, for every moment of the day, starting with breakfast and with dried fruit creams: almonds, peanuts or hazelnuts, or cocoa creams if you don't want to give up the unmistakable taste of chocolate. One of Natruly's special features is the vast range of flavours, designed to give you all the goodness of nature, using as many genuine products as possible, such as pepper or spicy Beef Jerky, small beef snacks that are ideal as a source of protein, or such as 100% cheese Cheesy Snacks or Kale Chips, crunchy curly kale chips with tomato and oregano. Space also for athletes, thanks to the vegan or whey protein powder, the raspberry and strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors, and the energy bars that you can easily take to the gym, also in this case, choosing from many exceptional flavors that will awaken your taste buds; Have you ever tried a beetroot and pistachio bar? Carrots and nuts? Cocoa and orange? if you haven't already, Natruly is waiting for you. And if you've never had the pleasure of tasting 100% natural products and you're a little skeptical, Vettovaglia.com also has a section in its online shop dedicated to the best offers in its catalogue, thanks to which you can buy its productions at discounted prices, giving yourself a try to test this new and revolutionary world. Natruly wants to make a change in the way foods are conceived, abolishing the normality given by artificiality and introducing naturalness as a synonym of irreplaceable goodness; and in his small way he is succeeding! Born very recently, it already has over 40 references on different products, becoming more and more appreciated.