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Collection: Azzolin bakery

Among the delicacies produced by the I dolci di Azzolin company there are in particular: braids, stuffed tarts, desserts for holidays and anniversaries including the Easter colomba, the Christmas panettone and the focaccia made during the Easter holidays.


The homemade braid produced by the company I dolci di Azzolin establishes itself on the market as a high quality and exquisite product. This delicacy with an unsurpassed look and taste comes from long hours of leavening and more. The braids are prepared in the activity by expert hands who weave the dough perfectly in order to make it soft and fluffy. After that they add a brush of egg white and a high amount of granulated sugar. From these procedures comes the company and the high skills as well as the experience of the experts who prepare this dessert a soft and fluffy delicacy at the right point, which has a decidedly unique, unmistakable and pleasant flavor, which is perfect for every palate even the most sophisticated ones. This dessert is perfect to be eaten at any time of the day, especially at breakfast, but also as a snack together with a good coffee, milk or tea. The homemade braid is made in four different ways, i.e. it is available in both versions: with berries, classic, with chocolate and with raisins and candied fruit.

Stuffed tarts

Another product with an intense and unsurpassed flavor prepared by the company I dolci di Azzolin are the stuffed tarts. This specialty is suitable for all those who love filled desserts, thanks to the scent of shortcrust pastry that crosses with the taste of jam, you have the opportunity to indulge in a few moments of relaxation and pleasure. The flavor is completely delicious, as it looks like the classic grandmother's tart with an unsurpassed fragrance. Everyone in Italy loves the tart, as it is a dessert appreciated by both children, adults and the elderly, it is perfect and appreciated at any age. It is a unique, refined and simple dessert, there is the opportunity to choose the filled tart according to your tastes, it is specifically available in the versions: strawberry or raspberry, apricot and blueberry.

Festive desserts: Colomba and Easter panettone

Colomba and Easter panettone are two tasty and decidedly delicious products prepared by the experts of the Azzolin desserts business. As regards the first product, i.e. the Easter dove, it is good to know that it is a seasonal item or that it is prepared immediately according to consumer demand and therefore based on orders. It is also possible to order an Easter Colomba both 1 kg and 750 g. It seems that this delicacy was given to King Alboin in the midst of persecution in the city of Pavia as a symbol of clarification and above all as a sign of peace. Through this classic recipe, the Easter dove is stuffed with traditional ingredients including raisins inside, while the outside is completely covered in icing with a cascade of granulated sugar and almonds. The Easter Colomba can also be ordered in other versions, as it is available both with apricot and wild berries.

Among the delicious and tasty Easter desserts, the Easter panettone also stands out, it is a delicious dessert and suitable for any event, even for Christmas. This product can be chosen in different ways, as it is available both in the classic version with raisins inside as a filling, or with chocolate, apricot, pears and berries.

Focaccia produced during the Easter period

Focaccia is one of the foods most loved by us Italians, but the one prepared by the expert hands of the company I dolci di Azzolin is decidedly unique and delicious. The latter is soft, fluffy and fleecy, as it is part of the typical culinary tradition of the Veneto region. According to legend, a baker from Treviso integrated a series of ingredients into the focaccia recipe, including: sugar, bread, butter and eggs. This invention of his made the focaccia dough even softer and tastier. It is possible to consume this during the Easter period or it is delicious to be dipped the following day in a cup of milk.