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Artisanal Italian pasta is the symbol of Italian cuisine in the world . Its quality and authentic flavor come from the selection of high quality raw materials, such as durum wheat, and from the artisanal manufacturing process. With the ability to buy pasta online, consumers can enjoy the authentic taste of artisan pasta right at home. Read on to find out everything you need to know about artisanal Italian pasta and how to choose the right one for you.

Artisanal Italian pasta: the difference compared to industrial pasta

Artisanal Italian pasta differs from industrial pasta for many factors. First, high-quality durum wheat is used, which is grown in Italy. The expert farmers choose the best varieties and I guarantee an accurate harvest to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the grain itself. Secondly, the processing of the pasta takes place through traditional techniques and the use of manual equipment which gives the pasta a distinctive flavour. Artisan pasta makers spend a lot of time making their products, using only proven methods that have been passed down through generations. Finally, the refining of the body and the subsequent drying take place slowly and naturally, without the use of invasive industrial processes or synthetic chemicals. This process makes artisanal pasta softer and more delicate than industrial pasta.

Durum wheat: the basis for the production of artisanal pasta

The secret of artisanal Italian pasta is durum wheat, a variety of wheat that contains a very high percentage of protein and gluten. The processing of the pasta with durum wheat guarantees excellent resistance during cooking and a strong, characteristic and unmistakable flavour. The processing of artisanal Italian pasta begins with the selection of ingredients, through a careful choice of durum wheat. This variety of wheat is grown in specific areas of Italy, such as Puglia, Emilia-Romagna and Sicily.

Artisan pasta: how to buy it online

Buying artisan pasta online can be a quick and easy experience if you know where to look. The main advantage of buying online is the possibility to choose from a wide range of products and receive them comfortably at home. Before buying, it is important to carefully check the reviews of the manufacturers and carefully read the product information provided by the website. Check that the traditional processing methods used by Italian producers are guaranteed to guarantee the authenticity of the product. In this way you will be able to enjoy real Italian artisan pasta with all its flavor and aroma.

How to choose the right artisanal Italian pasta for you

Choosing artisanal Italian pasta depends on your personal preferences and the dish you want to prepare. Most artisan pasta producers offer a wide range of shapes, each designed for a specific type of dish. For example, long pasta such as spaghetti or linguine is perfect for lighter sauces, such as tomato or oil and chilli sauce. Short pastas such as penne, fusilli or rigatoni go well with more substantial sauces such as sausage or aubergine sauces. Furthermore, there are pasta shapes that are particularly suitable for pasta salads, such as farfalle and conchiglie, and other shapes that are perfect for soups and soups such as ditalini and stelline. You can also choose from wholemeal or gluten-free pasta variations to meet your specific dietary needs.

Artisanal Italian pasta is a symbol of Italian taste in the world thanks to its authenticity and quality. Thanks to the online purchase of artisanal Italian pasta, it is possible to taste it even outside Italy. But be careful: choose reliable and certified online stores to guarantee the authenticity of the product. With the right selection of pasta, you can prepare delicious dishes and enjoy the authentic taste of Italian cuisine.