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The Magnatera brand is known as Pangea the gluten-free pasta , it is an ideal product for those suffering from gluten intolerances or other problems that regain this element in particular. Before affirming its high quality products on the market, the Pangea pasta factory tried various types of mixtures, only after having achieved the desired result did it create gluten-free pasta recipes capable of ensuring certain aspects including: pleasure from the point of view of flavour, excellent resistance during the cooking phase and above all a high level of quality.

High quality gluten-free pasta

The gluten-free pasta made by Pastificio Pangea is established on the market as a high quality food product. Furthermore, it is always available to its customers, as it has the prerogative of offering and serving consumers directly through Magnatera-branded products that are decidedly unique and special. Among the types of gluten-free pasta that it prepares and offers on the market, there are specifically pasta that is made using specific flours scented with natural ingredients and doughs with a refined and colorful flavor, in order to rediscover the classic flavor of foods that are tasty and above all genuine.

Magnatera - Gluten free pasta

What makes the gluten-free pasta of the Magnatera brand unique and genuine unlike other brands concerns the ingredients present in the product. This gluten-free pasta factory does not use elements that can be harmful and toxic to health, but uses only natural ingredients. Therefore the gluten-free pasta produced by this company does not contain dyes, chemical additives , emulsifiers, sugars or other chemical substances.

Among the main ingredients that make up gluten-free pasta, there are in detail particular and high quality flours where GMOs, i.e. genetically modified organisms, are absent, as they are classified as biology and of obvious origin.

Specifically, both the ingredients and the flours that the Magnatera brand uses for the preparation of gluten-free pasta can be both organic and conventional.

Gluten-free pasta for celiacs - Magnatera brand

The Magnatera brand has created a type of gluten-free pasta ideal for those suffering from celiac disease and beyond. This food is particularly suitable for all subjects who are more sensitive to gluten, for people who aim to follow a healthy and balanced diet and who want to totally change their style from the food point of view and also for individuals who are subject to health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome.

This type of pasta created by Pasta Pangea is considered both in the food sector and in the commercial sector as a revolutionary and high quality product .

In detail, it represents from all points of view the progress of pasta that does not contain gluten, as it is composed of natural and organic ingredients such as quinoa, rice, buckwheat and corn flour, which brings together other essential elements such as: essential oils, legume flours, whole grains, seaweed, spices and other ingredients.

Gluten-free pasta - Nutrition and health

Health and nutrition are two aspects that are intertwined and intertwined, for this reason the Magnatera brand has created specific products to offer everyone the possibility of improving the level of well-being while maintaining the pleasure of enjoying a delicious and tasty food. The purpose of the Magnatera company is to guarantee its consumers a positive and optimal result as regards the flavor and consumption of its gluten-free pasta products.

Magnatera pasta represents a real solution for those who intend to follow a healthy and balanced diet without saying goodbye to the taste of pasta that we Italians love so much.

Not to be missed are the delicious variations of gluten-free pasta proposed by us, such as the one with porcini mushrooms, corn and rice or the one with wholemeal buckwheat and rice .

Thanks to the particular combinations of ingredients, you can enjoy a tasty and light pasta that lends itself to any type of sauce, from the simplest to the most elaborate. Gluten-free pasta does not contain preservatives, colorings or artificial additives and is perfect for the whole family.

Discover all our gluten-free pasta variations and indulge in the pleasure of taste without having to give up your health!