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Collection: Preparations for risotto

A great Italian classic that cannot be renounced is risotto

Risotto is a dish that is part of the Italian culinary tradition, loved and appreciated all over the world. The secret of the excellence of this dish lies in the choice of ingredients and in the care of the preparation: each step must be performed with precision to obtain a perfect result. Fortunately, the evolution of the market has made it possible to have high quality risotto preparations available, which simplify the preparation of the dish without compromising its taste.

In this collection you will find preparations for high quality risottos , selected from the best Italian producers. Our product range includes a wide choice of condiments, flavorings and ingredients for risotto, able to satisfy all preferences and tastes. Among the main ingredients, Carnaroli rice stands out, a fine variety that is perfectly suited to cooking risotto.

Carnaroli rice: the basic ingredient for a good risotto

Carnaroli is one of the best types of rice used for the preparation of the famous Italian dish. Its round and uniform shape favors homogeneous cooking and the organoleptic properties make it an irreplaceable ingredient. Thanks to the high starch content, Carnaroli makes the risotto creamy but at the same time soft and consistent. That's why choosing the right rice is essential to obtain an excellent result.

Ingredients for risotto: what to choose?

True cooking enthusiasts know that each ingredient has its own importance for the success of the dish. As for risotto, the addition of ingredients such as butter, onion or shallots, Parmesan and white wine are essential to enhance the flavors and create a perfect base for preparing the dish. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to buy the necessary ingredients individually and therefore buying a pre-prepared mix can be an ideal solution.

Quick and easy risotto

Preparing risotto isn't difficult , but it requires patience and attention. With our risotto mixes you can make a tasty dish in just a few minutes, without having to worry about the choice of ingredients or dosages. Choose the one you prefer among the different variants proposed: from porcini mushrooms to black truffles, from radicchio to pumpkin. Each pack also contains preparation instructions.

Italian rice for risotto

Our collection includes only high quality Italian products: we are keen to offer our customers only the best raw materials. Italian rice is renowned throughout the world for its quality and organoleptic characteristics, and is an essential ingredient for preparing risotto. So many varieties to choose from to create your favorite dish.

To flavor the risotto, it is possible to use a wide range of condiments: from spices to aromatic herbs, from mushrooms to cheeses. Each of these ingredients is able to bring a unique flavor to the dish and make it even tastier. Our preparations already contain a selection of condiments, perfect for enriching the flavor of your risotto.

Meat or vegetable broth

To obtain the right texture of the risotto, it is necessary to use the broth during cooking. The broth can be both meat-based and vegetable-based: both variants can give excellent results. Our preparations already contain the broth needed to prepare the dish, so you don't have to worry about buying it separately.

Packaging prepared for risotto

The risotto preparations we offer are available in 250g packs, specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. Thanks to the ready-to-use packaging, you can always have a risotto mix ready to be used at any time.

Our products come from the best Italian producers . Thanks to the passion and dedication of its producers, this precious cereal continues to be one of the symbols of Italian gastronomy in the world.

Selected high quality rice

The product range is distinguished by the quality of the ingredients used: only the best grains of rice arrive on your table. Choosing the right rice is essential for the success of the dish, which is why we have selected only the best Italian suppliers.

To further enhance the taste of your risotto, we offer you natural flavorings and spices that will allow you to create an even tastier and more fragrant dish. Among the available aromas you will find parsley, basil, rosemary and oregano.

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