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Collection: Rigoni of Asiago

Rigoni di Asiago is an Italian company specialized in the production of jams, spreadable creams and natural sweeteners. Founded in 1925 in Asiago, a mountain town in the Veneto region, the company is based on the values ​​of quality, authenticity and environmental sustainability.

The raw material used for Rigoni di Asiago products is mainly made up of organic fruit and honey. The ingredients are carefully selected and processed according to traditional methods to preserve the original flavor of nature. Over the years, Rigoni di Asiago has expanded its range of products by introducing new lines such as hazelnut-based spreads and natural sweeteners such as Dolcedì. All products are free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours. The commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in every aspect of the company's business: from the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of renewable energy for production. Rigoni di Asiago is an example of Italian excellence in the food sector that enhances the local resources without compromising the well-being of people and the environment.