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Collection: San Massimo Reserve

The San Massimo Reserve is an area surrounded by nature that extends for more than 800 hectares, specifically it represents one of the most important and rare parts of the planet that are part of the Ticino Valley in detail which is located in the Lombard Park.

San Massimo Reserve - Uncontaminated nature

Among the places in the world that are characterized by a unique and natural beauty, the San Massimo Reserve stands out. It is a territory made up mainly of moors, agricultural areas and a decidedly intact and uncontaminated forest, it is a place full of routes and paths with native fruit trees, springs, fountains and resurgences-ways. The latter change naturally, creating numerous breathtaking and unique landscapes as well as a place rich in biodiversity where, in particular, even wildlife discovers in this natural territory a perfect home as well as a habitat in line and ideal with its characteristics.

San Massimo Reserve - Special Protection Area

Since 2004 the San Massimo Reserve has been a Site of Community Interest, in detail a slice of this place has been identified in the following years as a SPA or Special Protection Area, thanks to the diversity of the different ecosystems it contains.

Furthermore, the San Massimo Reserve represents in many respects a fundamental entry of ecological typology into the internal part of the Ticino Park. It is in particular a part of this place characterized by uncontaminated nature in which the progressivity between various habitats allows the occurrence of the migration of fauna and the exchange that takes place in detail between the plant species at a genetic level, these aspects represent the maintenance in an excellent way as regards biodiversity.

Rice produced by Riserva San Massimo

In particular, rice from the San Massimo Reserve is produced at the Riserva San Massimo. It is a food that is classified in the food sector as a high quality product, as it is considered a real original Carnaroli. As regards the realization of the rice, the experts tend to select only the most advantageous seeds which have the 100% Carnaroli variety certificate.

Furthermore, the rice that is produced in this natural territory has received the blue brand of the Ticino Park, thanks to the level of production which is decidedly controlled and safe, as it represents in particular the companies that employ various mechanisms and strategies from an agricultural point of view which appear to have a lower impact.

San Massimo Reserve - Other products

Among the other products made by the San Massimo Reserve there are also honey, Millefiori or Acacia, it is a natural and decidedly organic food item.

Just like Riserva San Massimo rice, honey is also produced according to the same principles and mechanisms, given that the objective of the activity is to respect the environment and the entire ecosystem. Honey is also produced in a limited way, this simply occurs because the San Massimo Reserve respects the earth and nature, consequently the availability is limited in order not to exploit the bees. Precisely on the basis of this principle, the majority of them are left in the hives to allow for the regular natural process, i.e. as natural food for the bees.

Riserva San Massimo is considered a unique and special place due to many aspects. In more detail, this 100% natural territory hosts various types of both plant and animal species that are in danger, or at risk of extinction.

Because of so many aspects like this, Riserva San Massimo has captured the attention of scholars, the University of Pavia and various local bodies.

In fact, for years this place has been visited by various experts, professionals and researchers who are part of the Department of the Environment and Sciences, as they explore and carry out specific views that specifically affect the fauna, which is of characteristic interest in terms of conservation and land management.