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Collection: Drovanti estate

Where agricultural tradition meets modern cultivation techniques to create one of the finest rice in the world

Welcome to the heart of Lombardy, where the Drovanti estate , immersed in the Pavia countryside a few kilometers from the renowned Vigevano, produces a product of culinary excellence: authentic Carnaroli rice .

The history of the Drovanti estate and Carnaroli rice

Tenuta Drovanti has a long agricultural tradition which dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. The property extends over a large area and has been producing high quality products for generations , including authentic Carnaroli rice . This variety of rice owes its name to the Napoleonic count Carnaroli, who in 1945 decided to acquire some fields near Novara to cultivate a new type of rice. Thanks to the use of the most advanced techniques of the time, he managed to significantly improve the quality of the cereal, obtaining a more delicate and tasty variety . In the Drovanti Estate, traditional agriculture is enriched by modern techniques and the characteristics of artisanal production. The result is an authentic Carnaroli rice known throughout the world for its exclusivity and delicacy.

The cultivation of Carnaroli rice

The cultivation of Carnaroli rice takes place in alluvial soils, rich in minerals and nutrients, which enhance its flavor and texture. Sowing takes place in spring and the plant grows to a height of about one and a half meters before being harvested by hand. One of the secrets of the production of authentic Carnaroli rice is the use of extremely pure water from the Alps, which flows under the surface of the Drovanti Estate. The water enriches the cereal with essential trace elements for perfect maturation and guarantees maximum quality.

Cultivation method

The cultivation method used in the Drovanti Estate provides for a balance between modern and traditional techniques. The advanced technique acquired and handed down from generation to generation makes it possible to obtain a healthy and genuine product, which reflects the values ​​of the Lombard land. Thanks to this method, authentic Carnaroli rice does not contain harmful chemical substances, but is rich in beneficial properties for the human body.

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In conclusion

Tenuta Drovanti is synonymous with culinary excellence and traditional agriculture, which meets modern techniques to create a unique product of its kind: authentic Carnaroli rice. Thanks to the passion and dedication of its producers, this precious cereal continues to be one of the symbols of Italian gastronomy in the world.