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Collection: Saffron

Saffron is a spice present in numerous specialties of Italian cuisine, thanks to its particular flavor which makes it ideal for both first and second courses.
The products on this page, both from the Simorgh company, are characterized by a superfine quality of saffron, but still have some differences.

The Luxury Version box contains "Super Nerin All Red Primo Fiore saffron pistils 1st grade AAA", i.e. the highest quality. In fact, it has features that make it the best in the world. Furthermore, inside there is a mortar with which to crush the pistils.

The pack of saffron  in pistils "Super Negin All Red 1° AAA" contains one gram of product. This solution is ideal for those who intend to make exquisite dishes using the quality of this precious saffron.