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If you are looking for high quality products with an authentic flavour , Zuccato is the right company for you. The foundation of his activity is the Italian culinary tradition. A knowledge handed down for generations, which has allowed the company to become one of the main leaders in the preserved vegetables sector.

Zuccato's success

Zuccato represents a great example of Italian tradition in terms of food, thanks to a reputation built over the centuries on the quality control of the raw materials used, on constant and innovative research and on the ability to grasp market evolutions in order to always satisfy customer expectations. This famous brand in the Italian corporate scene boasts a great history of excellence that has allowed the company to stand out even outside the national borders. To date, thanks to the tenacity in pursuing its objectives and the passion with which it carries on its business, Zuccato has become the reference point for those who want to consume genuine and excellent products.

The constant commitment to research and development

Constant research and technological evolution are two fundamental elements for the continuous development of the company. The highly specialized team works daily to innovate, improve production processes and always offer new and cutting-edge products. Innovation is an essential element for the company. In fact, the continuous search for new solutions, techniques and technologies to improve the efficiency of the production processes and the quality of the products, guarantees complete control of the raw materials used and maximum food safety.

The range of Zuccato products

Zuccato offers a wide range of products ranging from pickled vegetables to ready-to-use legumes and tomato preserves. The choice of raw materials is made with the utmost care, in order to guarantee taste and quality in every bite. The craftsmanship used by the company guarantees the maintenance of the original flavor of the ingredients used, without any chemical additives. In this way the authentic flavors of the vegetables are enhanced and re-proposed on consumer tables.

High standard technological pole

The company headquarters has recently been replaced by the modern technology hub built following a large investment. The operating plant complies with all current environmental and sanitation regulations in order to guarantee high quality standards in all phases of the production process.

Zuccato: Italian excellence in the world

In summary, Zuccato represents a real Italian excellence in the world of agro-food production, thanks to the constant attention to the quality of the raw materials used, to technological innovation, to research and to the continuous development of new products and markets to be conquered. The range of products offered by the company fully reflects the Italian gastronomic culture. The authentic flavors of the vegetables are enhanced by the craftsmanship and the careful choice of raw materials. If you are looking for an authentic taste experience, you must definitely try Zuccato products!