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The Zangirolami rice company

Immerse yourself in the heart of nature, surrounded by the vast green and golden fields of one of the most renowned companies in Italy - the Riso Zangirolami company. This fascinating place is not only a symbol of timeless dedication to working the land, but also a witness to a family history that has handed down the secret of producing the best Italian rice for generations. For over a century, Zangirolami has been cultivating this precious cereal with passion following ancient traditions and innovative techniques to guarantee genuine products with an unmistakable flavour. Each grain contains genuine flavors and authentic emotions linked to life in the fields. That's why today we invite you to discover with us the secrets of the Zangirolami Riso Company: get ready for a journey through Italian gastronomic culture, centuries-old rural traditions and love for our beautiful land.

Rice Cultivation and Production Techniques

Rice growing is the main activity of the Riso Zangirolami company. To obtain a quality crop, specific rice cultivation and production techniques are adopted. First of all, rice varieties suitable for the characteristics of the soil and the climatic conditions of the area are selected. Sowing takes place in spring, using specialized machines to ensure even distribution of seeds. During the growing season, a constant level of water is maintained in the fields through the use of canals and hydraulic systems. The company also adopts integrated pest and disease management practices, minimizing the use of chemicals. Finally, for the harvest, specific machines are used which guarantee high efficiency and minimize product losses. Thanks to these techniques, the company is in

Variety of Rice Produced by Zangirolami

The Riso Zangirolami farm, located in the province of Ferrara, produces a variety of high quality rice. Among the varieties grown, Carnaroli rice stands out, famous for its delicate flavor and creamy texture. This variety of rice is particularly suitable for preparing risottos due to its high starch content. Furthermore, the company also produces Arborio rice, which is distinguished by its short and round grains, perfect for the preparation of creamy dishes such as rice dumplings. Finally, the range of rice produced by Zangirolami also includes varieties such as Riso Baldo, Riso Vialone Nano and Riso Venere, thus offering a vast choice to satisfy every taste and culinary requirement.

Sustainability and environmental practices in the Zangirolami company

The Zangirolami company has made sustainability and environmental practices its priority. Through the use of cutting-edge agricultural techniques, such as the cultivation system, the company reduces the impact on the environment and promotes biodiversity. Furthermore, Zangirolami is committed to the responsible management of water resources, adopting low-consumption irrigation systems and working to reduce waste. Furthermore, through the production and sale of local and zero kilometer products, Zangirolami promotes sustainable consumption and stimulates the local economy. Safeguarding the environment is a constant challenge for the company, which continues to look for new ways to further reduce the environmental impact of its agricultural activity.

The Products: From the Plantation to the Rice Harvest

Riso Zangirolami products are the result of a carefully followed process, which goes from planting to harvesting the rice. The cultivation takes place in flat fields, using selected varieties of rice and innovative agricultural methods. The soil is carefully worked to ensure optimal plant growth. During the ripening phase, water levels and climatic conditions are periodically checked to ensure perfect growth of the rice. Once the maturation phase has been completed, we proceed to the harvest which takes place ensuring a careful selection of the best beans. The rice is then processed and packaged in order to best preserve its quality and organoleptic characteristics. Attention to detail throughout the production process makes Riso Zangirolami products unique in their flavor and quality.

The commitment to environmental sustainability is one of the fundamental principles of the Riso Zangirolami company. We have adopted a responsible approach to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. We use sustainable cultivation methods, minimizing the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers harmful to the ecosystem. We also promote crop diversification and field rotation to preserve soil fertility and prevent erosion. Furthermore, energy saving and waste management systems have been implemented to reduce the environmental impact.

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